Intellectual Property Services

We deliver our IP services with excellence, experience and enthusiasm, combining technical nouse, business savvy, and legal knowledge. 

Patent Law

We assist with all aspect of patent law – from patent drafting, through patent amendment to patent oppositions. We also advise on entitlement issues and IP transactions.

Patent Opposition

Patent Oppositions are a demanding procedure for patentees and their attorneys. We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process and maximise your chances of success. 

Trade Marks

Trade Marks are a badge of origin and are serve to create a positive association between your company and the goods or services it provides. Don’t fall into the common pitfalls when adopting trade marks. 


Designs protect the look of an article. They can be used as a stand-alone right, but are also useful in combination with patents for a more holistic approach to IP strategy and protection.

IP Strategy/Advice

The best IP strategy varies for different businesses at different times.  Cranach Patent Attorneys work to understand the context of the ideas, and partner with clients to suggest and develop a bespoke and commensurate approach to their IP.

Take the first step

Experienced Patent Attorneys, enthusiastic about technology and protecting it strategically for our clients. ISO 9001:2015 certified. For entrepreneurs, foreign associates and multi-nationals.

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