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We’re enthusiastic about innovation and new technology, and seek out clients to work with where we can talk technology.

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Comprehensive Services at Cranach Patent Attorney


Cranach Patent Attorneys in London

, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to intellectual property rights. Our firm stands out as a premier 

patent law firm in London

, dedicated to ensuring that our clients' innovative ideas are protected, recognized, and appropriately valued.

Patent Law
Patent Opposition
IP Strategy/ Advice
Infringement & Validity
Patent Portfolio Management

Patent Law

Navigating the realm of patent law can be a daunting task. However, with the Cranach team by your side, you're not alone. We specialize in European applications, guiding our clients through every phase of the European prosecution process. Whether you're a budding inventor or an established business, our expertise encompasses UK and European patent landscapes. With a deep understanding of the European Patent and trademark dynamics, our seasoned European patent attorneys are adept at ensuring your intellectual property remains safeguarded. Moreover, we're continually updating our knowledge base, ensuring you're always compliant with the evolving regulations of the European Patent Office (EPO).

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Patent Opposition

In the patent world, oppositions and disputes are not uncommon. The Cranach team excels in handling opposition and appeals with utmost precision. With extensive experience representing clients before the Board of Appeal and the Enlarged Board of Appeal at the EPO, we ensure your interests are always prioritized. Our strategic location in Munich allows us to liaise directly with the European Patent Office, offering our clients on EPO applications an edge over others. Furthermore, our proficiency extends beyond just oppositions. As a renowned European IP firm, we also provide comprehensive counsel on matters related to European Patent and Trade Mark.

Cranach Patent Attorneys is more than just a patent law firm. We are your strategic partner, committed to ensuring your intellectual assets remain unassailable. With a dedicated team of patent attorneys and a track record of excellence, our firm is poised to usher you into a future of unparalleled intellectual property security.

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IP Strategy/ Advice

Crafting a robust IP strategy is pivotal to safeguarding your inventions and innovations. At Cranach Patent Attorneys, we understand the importance of tailoring an intellectual property strategy that not only protects but also capitalizes on your unique ideas. Whether you're a startup or a seasoned innovator, our expert IP professionals are equipped to provide actionable IP advice. From building a comprehensive IP portfolio to ensuring all IP rights are secure, we've got you covered. Plus, with our offices in London, clients can readily access our experienced team in London for consultations and guidance.

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Infringement & Validity

Infringement disputes can be stressful, but with the 

best patent law firm in London

 by your side, you can navigate these challenges with confidence. Our firm specializes in patent infringement and litigation, ensuring your intellectual property remains uncompromised. We conduct thorough due diligence before diving into legal battles, ensuring the fight is worthwhile. When it comes to patent validity, our meticulous approach stands out. We are the preferred litigation firm for many, thanks to our unmatched expertise in IP litigation and deep understanding of IP law. So, whether you're based in and around London or seeking expertise from renowned 

patent law firms in London

, our doors are always open.

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Protecting your inventions and brand identity demands expertise, and our firm excels in offering the same. We are a team of dedicated patent and trademark attorneys committed to securing your assets. Our experience spans interactions with the patent and trademark office, ensuring your applications are processed efficiently. Whether you’re looking to register a trademark or secure a patent, our trademark attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of both. We guide clients through the complexities of trademark prosecution, ensuring their brand identity remains safeguarded. As one of the top 

European patent attorneys in London

, we understand the significance of timely actions in this fast-paced domain.

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Patent Portfolio Management

Managing intellectual property goes beyond just securing a single patent. For businesses, having a well-structured patent portfolio can be the cornerstone of sustained success. We assist businesses in developing robust patent strategies tailored to their needs. Whether managing large patent portfolios or navigating through patent prosecution, we cover every facet. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of patent prosecution, and our consistent track record speaks for itself. We've overseen a number of patent applications, with an increasing number of patent applications each year, which stands a testament to our commitment and proficiency. For those seeking guidance in 

patent opposition in London

, our firm is a trusted name, revered as a leading 

patent opposition law firm in London

, and a preferred choice for many seeking a competent 

patent opposition attorney in London



We will share your enthusiasm for your business and your ideas, and develop an IP strategy to maximise your rights.

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Diverse Industries Served by Cranach Patent Attorney

At Cranach Patent Attorney, we understand the need for specialized expertise tailored to different sectors. Our strength across the board ensures that we are equipped to assist clients from diverse industries.

Food and Beverage


Engineering is a domain where innovation is constant, and protecting those innovations is crucial. Our team has extensive experience in offering a full range of patent services tailored to the engineering sector. From ensuring freedom to operate without infringing on others' IP rights to guiding our clients with the prosecution of their applications, we cover it all. We take pride in our experience and expertise in this sector, ensuring our clients always have a valuable patent portfolio. Whether you're an individual inventor or an engineering firm based in London, we're here to help.

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The energy sector, particularly oil and gas, requires specialized knowledge. Recognized as the premier 

oil and gas patent attorney in London

, we have a proven track record of providing top-tier services to our clients. As a reputed 

oil and gas patent law firm in London

, our team boasts of experts who understand the intricacies of oil and gas patent law in London. Whether you're seeking an 

oil and gas patent agent in London

 or need guidance on 

oil and gas IP patent law in London

, our expertise in patents and our understanding of the energy sector ensures you receive comprehensive support. We've assisted numerous clients in the life sciences and energy domains, offering services ranging from prosecution and opposition to maintaining a global IP strategy.

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The medical technology sector, often called medtech, is evolving rapidly. Innovations, especially in medical devices, are constantly emerging to improve patient care. But with innovation comes the critical task of safeguarding these revolutionary ideas. Our team, renowned as one of the top European patent attorneys in London, is well-equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by the medtech industry. Whether you're a startup with a groundbreaking device or an established company expanding its product line, we understand the intricacies involved. Our services ensure that your intellectual property is protected, allowing you to focus on what you do best: innovating for better health outcomes.

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The chemical industry is vast, encompassing everything from basic chemicals to specialty products. It's an industry where precision and protection matter. Recognized as a trusted patent opposition law firm in London, we have garnered a reputation for excellence in this domain. Our team is well-versed in the complexities of the chemical sector, and our intellectual property firm, conveniently located in London, offers services tailored to meet the specific needs of chemical innovators. Whether you're working on a new formula or a process innovation, our patent opposition attorney in London ensures your innovations are safeguarded from potential infringements.

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Food and Beverage

The food and beverage sector blends tradition and innovation, where age-old recipes meet modern processing techniques. Protecting these innovations is paramount in an industry brimming with competition. At Cranach Patent Attorney, we've worked with various clients' from this sector, ensuring their intellectual property remains safeguarded. If you're looking for a patent attorney who understands the nuances of the food and beverage industry, look no further. Our patent practice has a deep-rooted understanding of this sector, combined with the expertise to handle its unique challenges. Conveniently positioned in our London office, our team ensures that your culinary innovations receive the protection they rightfully deserve.

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Patent and trade mark attorneys specialize in intellectual property law, ensuring your innovations and brand identities are protected. They have specific training and expertise not typically found in general lawyers.

A specialist IP firm has dedicated knowledge and experience in intellectual property, ensuring that every aspect of your IP needs, from patent filing to trade mark prosecution, is handled with utmost precision.

Our firm, a leading intellectual property firm, houses experienced patent attorneys who can assist you. Our team's expertise ensures your intellectual assets are well-protected and capitalized upon.

While a solicitor can handle general legal matters, for specific patent-related issues, it's advisable to consult a patent attorney, especially those affiliated with a renowned IP law firm.

UK IP law has its regulations and processes, while European IP law covers member states across Europe. Although there are similarities, there are also distinct differences in filing processes, fees, and protection scope.

Patent protection safeguards an inventor's intellectual property, preventing unauthorized usage or replication. It ensures that the inventor or the IP holder retains exclusive rights to the innovation

Our firm's dedication to offering comprehensive services, combined with years of experience handling a range of patent issues, sets us apart. Our presence in London and around also makes us easily accessible to a diverse clientele.

While both processes involve securing intellectual property rights, trade mark prosecution focuses on acquiring rights for brand names, logos, and symbols. In contrast, patent prosecution deals with inventions and innovations.

The Intellectual Property Office is an excellent resource for understanding patent regulations, application processes, and other related details.

Trademarks are vital for brand identity. Ensuring they are registered and protected prevents misuse, unauthorized replication, and potential brand dilution.

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