Chemical patents

are critical to protect the research and development invested in an invention with commercial potential, as well as recoup investments in other research. We can assist in protecting the diverse range of chemicals, blends and materials in this area, including:


Glass chemistry and manufacture

With a first degree in chemistry and a Masters in New Materials, Craig Watson at Cranach Patent Attorneys is ideally placed to protect your research.


We will share your enthusiasm for your business and your ideas, and develop an IP strategy to maximise your rights.

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If your invention and research can be applied more broadly, an experienced chemical patent attorney would not allow this to happen.

Yes. The new way would afford it “novelty”. It would also need to be inventive/non-obvious over the existing use.

Yes, so long as the new blend is an inventive/non-obvious combination.

Yes, so long as it’s a new application of the pharmaceutical and using it this way is inventive/not obvious.

The law around inventiveness is difficult to assess: professional advice should be sought.

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