Protecting your technology across multiple fields

The breadth of intellectual property rights can be deployed, to varying degrees, in different industries, by employing a bespoke strategy to fit with your business. 


From offshore exploration, drilling, completions, production, refining and transport to the forecourt, where taxes multiply the cost. But technology supplies this litre of fuel for your vehicle for less expense than a litre of water in the shop.


Innovation in Engineering continues unabated.  From construction to cars; from robotics to renewables.  Engineering methods can also be patented, such as a pressure testing under specified conditions.

Med Tech

The MedTech sector generates more patent applications in Europe than any other sector. We can assist with protecting intellectual property relating to heart valves, bone-modelling and many more.

Chemical and Life Sciences

The active research in the chemical and life sciences field results in numerous patents being filed in a wide variety of different niche technologies.  From scale inhibitors to silicones.  From cell therapy to catalysts. 

Food & Beverage

A variety of intellectual property rights can assist those in the food and beverage industry and provide commercial advantage to those who pursue them.   A holistic approach to IP is particularly important in this sector. 

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